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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cute love letter for her

My Darling,

I love you so much. The day when you left me alone is the darkest day of my life. My eyes have forgot to smile, my face has left glowing, my lips are pale, my life is just a barren land on which no thing can be produced. Oh dear why did you do this to me?

Your touch is still fresh on my hands. I feel you in my breathe. Your warmth is still warming my soul. Your fragrance is in my heart. I m still enclosed in your love. Your love is power to live for me. Why don’t you come back and make my life a paradise again.

Your tender feelings and touch inspire my emotions and my pure and first feelings are for you. You are the core of my all emotions. I am still a true and divine lover of you.
Make my life complete with your part. I am living miserable with you. You are the beauty of my face and life.
With Love

Always yours….

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